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Soular Records Soular Records is the premiere psytrance label of the US. Soular Records was started in the year 2000 in New York City and is now based out of San Francisco. Dedicated to bringing the world the freshest talent from the evolving domestic trance scene, now expanding to include some of the best international artists. Soular’s style is evolving toward the edgier side of psytrance, always dancing, grooving, moving…as well as some morning suprises.

Artists such as Deeper in Zen and Onnomon provide consistently well produced tracks. The combination of tracks from label owners and producers, Mind Warped and Deeper in Zen, always create some of the best dancefloor stompers of the year. Gear up for an amazing journey of sound destined to take you through the dark night of the psyche and emerging with the blast of energy designed for the sunrise, and beyond.

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